Our Mandate
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Our Mandate

Growing private sector - Participation in the economy

PEEPA Mandate

The Public Enterprises Evaluation and Privatisation Agency is responsible for advising Government on privatisation strategies as well as implementation of privatisation, which includes commercialisation, restructuring, outsourcing and divesture interventions for the effectiveness and efficiency of Public Enterprises and Ministries. The Public Enterprises Evaluation and Privatisation Agency is also responsible for promoting good corporate governance in PEs.

More specifically, PEEPA is responsible for:

  1. Offering advice on privatisation and developing strategies and implementation plans for Cabinet approval;
  2. Implementing Cabinet decisions on the privatisation of a particular public entity or service;
  3. Managing the roll out of Government’s outsourcing programme;
  4. Undertaking sector reform studies linked to privatisation, as funded by line ministries;
  5. Assisting Government in setting performance targets for public entities;
  6. Reviewing objectives of existing Public Enterprises (PEs) and setting objectives for PEs to be commercialised and/or corporatised;
  7. Monitoring the performance of PEs in meeting their objectives and targets;
  8. Advising Government on the appointment of directors to serve on PE boards and monitor their performance;
  9. Developing and executing a public education programme on privatisation and corporate governance in line with PEEPA’s mandate;
  10. Serving as Secretariat to the Divestiture Reference Committee.


To be the leader in the transformation of Botswana towards an efficient private sector led economy.


To provide quality advice and effectively implement the privatisation programme, and monitor the performance of Public Entities to ensure efficient service delivery.


The core values espoused by employees and directors of PEEPA, individually and collectively in pursuance of PEEPA’s mission are:


We perform our daily duties with enthusiasm and conviction, whilst taking responsibility for our actions and decisions


We are honest, transparent and act in accordance with high ethical and moral principles


We maintain high standards in the delivery of innovative services to customers


We collaborate effectively with our colleagues in order to achieve our common goals